Thursday, July 30, 2009

Updating my website

I have been updating my website. I felt like there were too many links on the menu list. I changed them into drop down menus with two categories: gallery and about. I does simplify the layout. I hope it does not make it more difficult for people to get around.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I like this

I printed last night at the RBPW. I made several prints of Little Betty Jane. They were just made from a paper doll that is sealed with gloss medium. I decided to cut the collograph LBJ's out and then I decided to glue them to reproductions from an art history book I found in the laundry room a while ago. I'm really liking these. The next one is the best - I think. But, I think they all work fairly well. Little Betty Jane is hanging around with ....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Work

I made a webpage with a lot of my newer work. Recently, I felt as though I was not getting much done... but there is more than I thought. There is more than this. I will add some drawings. And, the prints are on their own page of my website.

Now, I'm just tired from doing all this web work :-(

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I took a workshop in collagraphy at the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop. I think this method is a good fit for my work because I can use discarded pieces of painted paper collages as plates. Here are some of the prints I have made either in class or using the press time that came along with my tuition.

"Pears" - these pears are made from 3 pears that I made as an experiment is just how much detail was needed to create the feeling of a pear in painted paper collage. I glued these ppc pears onto a piece of styrene and then scratched in the vertical stripes. In the following plate you can see that I also painted onto the plate with acrylic gloss medium and carborundum a dish with a decorative pattern. This did not show up on the print because the pears were too thick. I plan to rework the plate and try again.

This print is made from a discarded frament of a collage I made back in 2006. I kept the fragment because I just couldn't bear to throw it out. I simply coated it in gloss medium, inked it up and used it as a plate. Here is a detail image.

These flowers were made from some painted paper flowers I had sewn together. I was thinking of making a large cloth-like piece - kind of like a drape out of these flowers but I abandoned the idea. I didn't like it. So, it was just sitting around - without a purpose. Here is a detail image.

This "cup and flower" was made by simply painting a piece of plexiglass with acrylic gloss medium and carborundum.

And, this piec is made of corrugated cardboard with a silhouette glued on top. The lower section I peeled off the upper layer. The bottom part and the silhouette were coated with gloss medium and I left the upper area uncoated allowing it to soak in the ink. Below is the plate.