Saturday, March 6, 2010

First Session of the Her in Hero project

This is me showing the powerpoint presentation.

I have been working for months along with Leslie Madigan on a project called "The HER in HERo." It's a celebration of women role models. It's based around my change of costume cards. I made a Hero set - mostly contemporary women who I personally look up to. These are women in the public sphere. I have a webpage that shows the cards.

We had our first class yesterday - Friday, March 5th. It went very well. I will need to refine a few things to make it better, but the girls seemed to enjoy it. They made great "Me" cards and really enjoyed playing with the set of cards I made (I gave them reproductions to play with - the originals are too delicate and they are my 'work.')

I have some photos. Here you see their "Me" cards.

Here is Leslie working with the girls at circle time. This is when the girls played with the cards. Leslie has them in her hands.

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  1. That's a wonderful self-identity project. I'll bet the girls loved it. Reminiscent of many happy hours as a young girl making paper dolls, but with the artful sophistication inherent in your own work in the texture and color.