Friday, October 22, 2010

SOHO20 One-of-a-Kind Tote Bags!

I am participating in the Soho20 Gallery Tote Bag project. We are embellishing canvas tote bags that have the Soho20 Gallery logo on one side. Some are painted, some are drawn. I used monograms from Crochet and Knitting for Every Woman: "Gifts You Can Make Yourself" edited by Isabelle Stevenson, 1947. I found a page with directions to make a monogrammed slip. I sewed the monograms on fabrics from my old slips and some vintage ladies handkerchiefs. These I sewed on the bag.

The second bag I made by making a carbon copy of a drawing I did at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I have been making a series of drawings of female figures. I am intrigued by how little is needed to indicate "woman." This figure is more elaborate than most. I used carbon paper. Then I sealed it with fixative.

Click on the link to see the bags - mine and others. They are incredibly affordable.

Check out these Soho20 Gallery tote bags.

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