Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wildflower studies

 I have been up at the Catskills renting a house with Richard and some friends.  These are some of the studies I have begun of the local wildflowers.  They are in an 11 x 14 inch sketchbook.  I thought that would be best - for speed and safety.  

It is not an easy thing to do - make a painted paper collage of a flower.  The flower is much more life than still.  It may be blooming or the petals could be falling off.  Some flowers open only in the afternoons - other for just one day.  They really are constantly moving - if only to get more sunshine.  

A lucky thing happened in that the woman living a couple of houses by is a master gardener.  She has been helping me with my identifications.  I had my wild basil misidentified as motherwort.  

There are about 23 of these pages thus far.  I do not consider them complete or resolved - finished.  But, I am enjoying doing them.

Wild Basil

Field Daisies

 Bladder Campion
 Dame Rocket
Self Heal
Wild Geraniums

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