Sunday, August 9, 2009

Been Busy

After visiting the Met and their fabulous collection of medieval art, I made this paper mosaic 'Byzantine' Madonna and Child. It's 3.5 x 2.5 inches - made on an Artist Trading Card. I painted the paper on both sides and just dropped them onto the glue which was put in selected areas. I wound up putting a layer of matte medium on the finished piece because I didn't want the little pieces of paper (layers of them) to fall off.

Architectural elements and bas reliefs from churches I saw in England made me want to try to be more three dimensional. I was having a really hard time trying to figure out how to do that. I decided to use cardboard. I think the collagraphic plate made from cardboard brought that on. The above piece is inspired from a Romanesque relief of the Flight into Egypt. Notice the baby boys being rolled over by the holy chariot.

Here I am adding the tree of Jesse (Mary's royal family tree) to the Madonna and Little Betty Jane collage. I just love corrugated cardboard. But, I think there needed to be more on the collage. It is still a work in progress.

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