Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beautiful Day at the Cloisters

Yesterday was soooo gorgeous. Richard and I went to the Cloisters. It was unseasonably warm - as the say - about 75 degrees and sunny. We packed a picnic of cheese, prosciutto, bread, fruit, and wine.

I went into the Cloisters because I just love it there, while Richard stayed outside to draw. It was really crowded inside but I still managed to do some drawing.
I'm thinking about Pietas. The Cloisters has several.

Then we went to the Met to say good bye to the Bonnard exhibition which closes today. (Bonnard is one of Richard's favorites.) I was not really aware of his watercolor and guoaches. These are quite wonderful. I fell in love with them. I found this image of one posted on

It's quite small. But, there is so much going on in that small space. Like all of his work - it is very tenderly made.

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