Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Experimentation: Found Source Collages

While my recent exhibition was still up, I was experimenting with found sources. These are junk mail, fliers, and magazines that I found in the laundry room. (In our laundry room there is a bookshelf where you can put books and magazines that you don't want anymore. And, they are free for anyone to take.) This first one is a still live of an apple, baby cup, and vase. It was made out of the December mailer from the Rubin Museum of Art. I loved using all the patterns.
This is "The Virgin & Child (after the Gerhard David workshop)." I made it from a magazine called "Brio" which I found in the laundry room. This magazine is for teenage Christian girls. It talks a lot about how to "save" yourself for marriage. It's kind of like a Christian Seventeen magazine.

This is "Portrait of a Lady (after Van der Wieden)" which is made from the March 2008 brochure of the Red Dot Fair in NYC. I am using reproductions of contemporary art to re-interpret a 15th century painting.
This last one is the biggest - it's 10 1/2 x 8 inches. It is based on the same Virgin and Child painting as the one above. This is made from the March 2009 Vogue magazine.


  1. Like the found art stuff a lot, Mom... Nice links between subject and material...

  2. Thanks Chrissy,

    I hope you are feeling well. :-)