Monday, April 27, 2009

Strange and Stranger

My studio time was spent experimenting. I made another small gouachy of the primroses. And, a corresponding ppc version.

I also made two collages of Pumpkin - our cat. The 'found' source was the April 2009 edition of ArtNews. The first began on blue painted paper. I cut out the shape of the cat's body out of a reproduction of a painting by an abstract expressionist painting. There was a reproduction of a painting by Picasso on the reverse side of the page. When I turned over the cutout cat body, I saw the shape in reverse made from the Picasso. At this point I had already placed Pumpkin's face on the paper and given her eyes (cut from a repro of a Sargent portrait) facing the original direction. I decided to use the Picasso side anyway and the body is therefore disjuntive. I put a Burchfield painting in as the rippled blanket - but then added it as the space around the window? And, then put a picture of a big white horse sculpture out the window. It is strange - but somehow I like it.

I decided to make another run at the idea. This Pumpkin is made from a Sargent portrait and her face from an African ceramic. I put the rest of the image of the African ceramics behind the cat. The people on the right are from an ad for travel to Spain. The folded arms come from a picture of an Indian artist and echoes the figure used for the cat's body. The tale ends in the face of the Sargent portrait. Another Sargent portrait was place behind the Spanish tourists. She is missing her eyes because they were used in the first Pumkin collage. This one's eyes are from a repro of the famous Fairey poster of Obama. For some reason I like the first one better. It has less rhyme or reason, but just works better. I have no idea what it means.

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