Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Studio Space in Brooklyn

Here is my studio space in Brooklyn. I share it with Richard (my husband). On the top you can see the entrance and his still life set up and one of his paintings on the wall. The second photo is my little corner of working space. That's my messy work table and a few pieces in progress pinned to the wall. It was a gloomy rainy day - so I had the light on. Normally, there is plenty of sunlight - since we have 2 walls of windows.

I also have a work table in the living room. I'll post photos of that space at another time. I was working solely at home, but I found that I needed some alone time and space. So, I went back to going to Brooklyn. It is better. The light is better and there are less distractions - if you don't mind the traffic and construction noise. But, after a while you don't really hear that. I like working there.

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