Thursday, December 31, 2009

getting ready

I am working to get ready for the demonstration. I am making things in different steps of pre-assembly. I had more at the studio. I made several faces. I made features: eyes, mouths, etc. These were glued to sketch paper so I could fine them. I made the flowered dress, just the white, with the pink trim, and with the flowers. I made a whole bunch of flowers - that could be glued on after I demonstrated how to make one.

The uniforms are not yet resolved. I have to figure out how to make the plaid and then break that down into steps. The arms and hands would have similar treatment. Then I think, the girls will have accessories: purse, lunch bag, back pack, etc. But, I am almost ready to give a demonstration that would flow. I think it would be like watching Martha Stewart bake a cake. She says to bake it for 20 minutes and then - viola - pulls out an already baked cake.

Facial features: eyes, noses, mouths.
School uniform pieces:

Flowered dress - in parts.

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